Alaskan Malamute Educational Experience

 Hello All... Welcome to our 
"Malamute Ranch"! We invite you to visit our Enamoring 15 pack of Giant Malamutes here at "Plumery Tails".  You will be invited outdoors to learn about the "Giant Alaskan Malamute Breed", discover the unique personalities of our pack, learn what becomes of their hair from all of the shedding, see for yourself the sled and equipment it takes for working the boys out in the winter, take as many candid photo's as you would like, relax, enjoy and create ever-lasting memories. 

Plumery Tails Malamute Ranch in Bellvue, Iowa

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Newly relocated to Bellevue, Iowa, the boys of Plumery Tails are enjoying their new 4.5 acre spread. Come on out and enjoy the fun and experience pure Malamute Mayhem. 

Malamute Interaction Rules of Engagement