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I have spent most of my years in Minnesota, living the Culinary dream which can elude many a skilled member of my vocation. Too suddenly, (after 35 years of fulfillment and award winning services) was my dream ripped from my grasp, ensuing an unsuspected battle of partnership, tug of war over my prospering restaurant endeavor with a collaborated ownership. In the wake of its devastating residuals... 


what we offer

Informational Tours



Welcome to our Malamute Ranch

We invite you to visit our Enamoring 15-pack of Giant Alaskan Malamutes here at Plumery Tails, and enjoy our exclusive educational indoor/outdoor tour.

  • Learn about the Giant      Alaskan Malamute Breed,
  • Discover the unique personalities of each member of our      pack,  
  • See for yourself the sleds and equipment we use to keep      our boys active and fit during the summer and winter months,
  • Take as many candid photo's as you wish, 

Relax, enjoy and create ever-lasting memories with your friends and family 

I want to meet the pack

Kid's under 5 Ft. tall


We can provide children under 5ft tall a memorable experience. Call 815-281-9067 for details on how we can accomodate the entire family. 

YouTube Channel


We do have a youtube channel where we post videos of the boys when we feel your would be educated and entertained by the pack . Pack Members most favorite videos tend to be bone day!

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School or Group visits


Want to make a trip to our Ranch with your college, school or club groups call us today for package pricing and details. 


Stay tuned for upcoming events


We do off location visits


Want us to come to your school, church or club? Have a birthday, anniversary or just to surprise someone at a party? Will will bring a boy to you!  Call 815-281-9067 for package details today.

we have relocated to Bellevue, Ia & now have 17 malamutes

This video was taken when we had our business in Galena, IL. We have re-located and expanded our business in the town to Bellevue, Iowa. We currently  have 17 Giant Alaskan, Malamutes. We have become an educational facility about the breed, sharing our home and daily life with those who are interested. 

The Malamute Experience - Malamute Educational Facility

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We offer educational visits with the boys, call for package pricing today.

Plumery Tails Malamute Ranch

21122 429th Avenue, Bellevue, Iowa 52031, United States

(815) 281-9067